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Flagged By The FEDS: A Spiritual Guide To Surviving Federal Prison

Trudi Batiste draws on her own personal journey in federal prison and exposes "what they DON'T tell you." She provides tools on how to prepare for prison, how to survive on the inside, and how to successfully return to society, home, and ministry.

Her proven tips have guided families and community leaders on what it means to actively show support, be effective in Prison Ministry, and create reentry programs that get results.

In Flagged By The FEDS, Trudi paints a vivid picture and details her traumatic experiences behind prison walls.

You MUST read this book!

What They DON'T Tell Us About Reentry: Exposing Post Incarceration Syndrome

Get this guide for your loved one who is preparing for release or struggling with reentry back into society. This book provides a "realistic" approach on how to withstand challenges after incarceration. You will learn:

  • How to identify and overcome the side effects of incarceration

  • How to use your natural talents and instincts to achieve success on the outside

  •  How to survive in an unjust system that has been designed for you to fail 

  • and much more!

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What is stopping you from writing your book? Don't know where to start? I have created, 10 Steps To Write A Book That Gets You Paid." Here is what you will learn:

  • How to write a book that sells

  • How to market your book while you write

  • How to plan a successful book launch   

  • How to identify your ideal reader

  • How your book can get you paid

  • and much more