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Manuscript Assessment  

This is step 1 in the process. I provide a report that covers my overall thoughts and potential concerns within your individual chapters or your manuscript as a whole. I make suggestions on how to restructure your words in order to improve your writing.


I recommend this for authors who want a brief overview on where their work currently stands. 


Developmental Editing  


A line edit (also known as content editing) focuses on refining your manuscript. I dive right into the heart of your story and make suggestions for revision using margin commentary.


This is perfect for you if you have an idea but don't know how to get started. 

Copy Editing 

Copy editing will occur once your manuscript has been through the line edit process, and you have made revisions. The focus is sentence-by-sentence, to clarify language and correct any errors in grammar and punctuation. 

I recommend this for writers who have a completed and organized manuscript.



Proofreading is the last round of editing before your final manuscript is complete. I focus on detecting any remaining errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


Proofreading adds polish to your manuscript and is invaluable for self-publishers, and any writer who wants to go through their work with a fine-tooth comb. 

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